Sunshine Scharf-Anderson - Director of Marketing

Education: Bachelor of Science - Advertising & Digital Media, University of Central Florida, Art Institute Fort Lauderdale
Sunshine is a key member of the Adache Team and has worked in the creative sector for two decades, with experience in advertising, design, architectural and interior design. Over the years she has perfected her craft as a creative strategist and a designer with expertise in branding, identity design, architectural graphic design, and creative direction.
In her role as a graphic designer, Sunshine brings forth a creative mindset and a keen visual sensibility. She plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's digital presence through the development of the website, brochures, managing periodic newsletters, overseeing various publications, and meticulously curating presentations. Additionally, she assumes a central role in shaping the visual identity of our clients through innovative branding and design materials.
Sunshine's role extends beyond the realms of design as she takes charge of critical responsibilities in business development. Her expertise encompasses the meticulous packaging of submissions and proposals, handling RFPs and RFQs, preparing schematic design packages, and steering lead generation efforts. Thanks to her knowledge and seasoned experience, Sunshine has proven instrumental in elevating various facets of schematic design, presentations, strategy formulation, and team management. Her dynamic contributions make her an invaluable asset to the Adache Team, reinforcing her standing as a creative force with an impact on both design and business development endeavors.