Joseph M. Biordi - President

Education: Bachelor of Architecture, New York Institute of Technology
Being employed by Adache Group Architects for nearly 30 years, Joe Biordi, as a principal for over a decade, and current president of the firm, has been instrumental in bringing the company to its current success. Biordi, with early years through influence from the architectural firm Architectonica, has brought his creative visions at Adache to a reality with a multitude of high-profile projects in the Americas and abroad. It’s his technical and management experience along with the award-winning philosophy at Adache that brings his value to the firm. Biordi’s past experience ranges from residential, high-rise apartments and condominiums to resorts, hotels and commercial and institutional projects in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. His subtle approach to business has made him a popular member of the firm with clients, contractors and governmental entities.