Interior Design


Over the past 50 years, the Adache Interior team, working with architects, engineers, clients, contractors, and various brands provides multitude of services for the hospitality, multi-family, and commercial industries. These services include creative conceptualization, product selection and layout, detailing and specification for interior construction, FF&E purchasing and installation supervision. Working hand in hand with other specialists (such as suppliers of building materials, furniture, fixtures, & equipment, lighting consultants, graphic artists, millwork fabricators, etc.) the following list of services outlines a step by step procedure of the typical process and capabilities of the Adache Interiors team.

Concept Design

  • Determine Style (contemporary, traditional, transitional, thematic, etc.)
  • Establish Budget
  • Create Vision
  • Provide Sketches
  • Client Discussions and Feedback

Space Planning

  • Determine the function of the space
  • Calculate Feasibility of the size of the Space vs. Function Goal
  • Provide Floor Plan of Furniture and Equipment for Function and Aesthetics
  • Client Discussions and Feedback

FF&E Selection

  • Initial Preliminary Product Selection
  • Presentation of FF&E Illustrating Style, Color, Material, Scale, etc.
  • Specifications of Source, Quality, Pprice, Delivery Time, etc.
  • Client Discussions and Feedback

Design Development

  • Re-evaluation after Client Discussions and Feedback
  • Revisions and Update of Floor Plan Layout, Selections, Pricing
  • Perspective Renderings Illustrating Dimensional Presentation
  • Client Feedback and Approvals

Construction Documents

  • Re-evaluation after Client Discussions and Feedback
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Interior Elevations
  • Details and Specifications of Fabrication of Specialty Items
  • Lighting Plans and Layout
  • Cient Feedback and Approval
  • Contractors and Fabricators Feedback and Pricing
  • Details and Specifications of Fabrication of Specialty Items
  • Client Approval


  • Budget Reconfirmed
  • Prices Approved
  • Products and Sources Approved
  • Delivery Time Approved
  • Purchase Orders Approved and Submitted
  • Shipping, Inspection and Acceptance
  • Client Approval

FF&E Installation Supervision

  • Warehousing (if necessary)
  • Delivery and Unpacking
  • Product Placement
  • Client Approval